Useful Vocal Tips

This section deals with a couple of things that are sometimes overlooked by singers, such as Vocal Hygiene, do's and don'ts which can be found in our Singers Surgery Fact Pack which members can download for free! With our compliments.


We have also included two of our videos below on Do's and Don'ts and the Importance of Warming Up which should be taken very seriously, as failing to warm up the voice correctly can lead to voice problems which no working voice user wants, so check out the videos below or visit our Singer Surgery YouTube channel for lots more videos on the Inner Vocals Technique.


Happy Singing! 

The Importance Of Warming Up.

This video touches on the basics needed when warming up the voice before singing.

Do's and Don'ts.

This video touches on do's and don'ts for the voice although it's basic it is very informative and worth a watch.



You can see more of our videos on the Inner Vocals Technique at our Singer Surgery You Tube channel.