Lesson 5: Resonance

Resonance is a sound echoing off the walls of your vocal chambers, causing the sound to be amplified.


This can be done in three areas known as the resonators, they are:


Ø    the Mouth,

Ø    the Nose,

Ø    the Throat

The chest can also be mentioned here; however, we conduct the sound off the chest and not resonate in it.


Let’s take a look at a stereo. You will notice that there is a section with a bass and treble knob. This section is known as an equaliser (EQ).  


The EQ alters the natural colour of the sound that comes from the stereo.


We too can add or take away EQ from our voices by changing or mixing our resonators, causing the main sound to become Bassy, midrange or treble by moving or altering the places we resonate the voice.


Treble - is made by resonating the sound in the nose

Midrange - is made by resonating the sound in the mouth

Bass - is made by resonating the sound in the throat or by chest conduction


We can mix the resonators, such as all three, at once - treble and midrange, midrange and bass, but not treble and bass.  


This is because (mid-range) is made in the mouth, which lies between the nose and the throat and so therefore cannot be bypassed to reach the other two resonators.


If you want to make a bass sound, we use chest conduction - we have to pull the sound down towards the chest.


To do this, we must aim the sound at the chest, just as if we were trying to make the sound of a gorilla.

Fig 1

Fig.1 above shows all the resonators and how they can be controlled.


The Vocal Anatomy



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