Who Are We ?

The Singers' Surgery, regarded by many as one of the UK's first vocal workshops, is based on care, preservation, training and knowledge of the voice.


We believe that these four areas are the key to developing and training the singing voice.

As our name suggests, we are in the business of promoting a healthier, safer and natural way of singing.


There are many who use their voices when singing, incorrectly and may at some stage lose or damage their voices. We at the Singers' Surgery feel that, if you have a clear understanding of the voice, you can achieve maximum potential at every level of developing your voice.

Singers' Surgery was not set up solely for professional singers, but for anyone who uses or wishes to use their voice. Whether you are a singer, rapper, public speaker or even a salesperson we are here to help you every step of the way.

Everis Pellius, founded Singers' Surgery after teaching his method of singing, the "Inner Vocals Technique", to professional singers of all levels, abilities and music genres.


Everis found that there were lots of "every day people" who were not benefiting from what he had to offer. So, rather than keeping his method exclusively available to professionals in the music industry, he decided to extend this unique offer and make it readily available to all who are serious about singing.

By establishing the Singers' Surgery he was able to bring his method to "non-professional" people in the form of workshop courses and at a price that most people could afford.


Everis' scope is quite a wide one and so therefore, he has worked with most voice types and singing styles, performing in a number of environments e.g.: clubs venues, pubs, stadiums, theatre, studios etc, which makes his knowledge invaluable to any singer at any level. 

What We Do At The Singers Surgery

The Singers' Surgery develops courses, work shops, classes and lessons for groups, choirs, bands and most vocal set ups. We are dedicated to teaching a healthier and safer way to use the voice when singing. We also offer a Music Consultancy Service.

We believe that a singer is no better than his tool - just like a racing car driver knows everything about his car just by the feel of it. He knows whether or not it's running right and is able to make or report any adjustments that need to be made.


Well, this is what we do with singers and their voices. The first thing we do is to arm the singer with all the knowledge he/she needs to combat any hurdles they may face and empower them in any given situation when singing.

With our complex journey into the world of singing, we will look at how the voice works and we shall also be exploring 4 vital areas we use when singing, these are:

    - Breathing

    - The Larynx

    - The Mouth

    - Resonance


The beauty of this technique is - we break the singing voice down into these four areas, examine them in some detail and then combine them to rebuild the singing voice with controllable parameters. We call this technique the "Inner Vocals Technique". 

Who Created Singer Surgery

Mr. Everis Pellius (the Principal Vocal Tone Therapist) has worked in the music industry for many years as a vocal coach (live and studio work) vocal arranger, producer and he is also a singer in his own right. He has:


    Ø Designed and taught courses to various disadvantage groups within the London Community, whilst working for Islington Council - Adult Education Dept., as a vocal tutor.


    Ø Developed structured courses to meet the needs of various client groups. Course ideas could range from basic vocal tuition e.g. how voice works etc. to a three-tier system that on completion gives the student basic performing and studio techniques.


    Ø Developed a music department for Haringey Pupil Support Centre - the first of its kind in a Pupil Referral Unit – introducing GCSE Music and liaising with adult education institutes and other music teaching facilities, to devise an accredited practical music course targeted at today's budding young music programmers and producers.


Everis has covered a wide variety of music throughout his career i.e. R&B dance, jazz, reggae, classical, jungle and pop. With such artists as Peter Andre, Katie Price (Jordan), Baby Blue, Brenda (X Factor, Chicago), Chico (It's Chico Time" ), Hayley Evertts (Grease), The Jones Girls, The Carl Cox Concept, The James Taylor Quartet, Aswad, Pascal Renaud, M-Beat, Nazlyn, Damage, Michelle Gayle, Pato Banton (UB40), Big Ben and Tony Thomson (Phatts & Smalls), D-Influence, Lorna (Clock), N-Tyce and his newest addition to his list is Tommi, F.A.T, ss well as voice consultant for N-Dubz.


He has also worked as Vocal arranger/coach for various production teams and record companies:


    Ø Manages own production company "Tuff Inc. Productions"


    Ø Worked for Islington Council as music Course Coordinator


    Ø Developed courses for Unity Performing Arts and other organisations


    Ø Coached and designed courses for choirs - both as a group and also on the individual's vocal requirements


    Ø Worked as musical director for hit T.V series "In the House" with pop group Cleopatra


    Ø Sony Records


    Ø RCA Records


    Ø Mercury Records


    Ø Renk Records


    Ø Full Crew


    Ø The Beat Masters


    Ø Soul Town Productions


    Ø Go Beat - and many others


We are therefore delighted to have him personally teaching his programmes.

More about Everis...

Everis Pellius created the "Inner Vocals Technique" after 5 years of teaching at a number of singing schools and workshops.

By 1989, after teaching other techniques, Everis began to see room for improvement. As there were so many unanswered questions, the quest for knowledge began.


First, Everis needed to know how the voice worked in as much detail as possible so that he could identify different sounds, how they were made, what could change them, how and why.

Everis realised that there was so much to understand, like the vocal and respiratory systems, resonance, the mouth, dynamics, posture and a host of other things that he soon discovered played a very important part in voice production.

His background is in contemporary music, specialising in Soul, R'n'B, Reggae, with a love for Rock and Folk music. This turned his thinking to the USA with the strong dynamic and natural vocal sound found in most forms of music that is produced in America.

By studying American music right across the board, from Country to Rap, he realised that there was a similarity in the voice production.


By following these voice patterns, he began to recognise the parameters and their make up, and now needed to find a way to break the voice down into these parameters and then rebuild it to any requirement within the singer's vocal range.

To find this knowledge, the first step was to find an ENT specialist to explain the workings of the voice in as much detail as possible, so that many analogies could be found to explain very complex workings of the respiratory and vocal functions as simply as possible, to a child, if need be.

He also discovered that how we use the air in conjunction with the larynx, mouth and resonance was all controlled from within the body, before a pleasant vocal sound could be obtained - so therefore, any adjustment to the sound could be made within the body during or before the sound leaves the mouth.


This led to the creation of:

The "Inner Vocals Techniques" - a different approach to voice production and learning about the working voice.

We are therefore delighted to have him personally teaching his programmes.


Bye for now.