Introduction to Inner Vocals

Why do I call this technique Inner Vocals?  Well, because the majority of the work is done within a part of the body called the Thoracic Cavity (the chest which is found in the upper torso).  


The aim is to contain the sound in the body, never pushing it out, but letting it out with ease still giving the sound clarity, depth, body and warmth which are all parts of the “Inner Vocals Technique”.


I suppose you could say “So what” – why use my particular technique to sing with?  Well, one of the reasons I developed this technique was because, after doing a gig or a long studio session, I sometimes lost my voice or got very hoarse and couldn’t hit certain notes I knew I was capable of reaching.  


Plus, yes, I know it’s bad, but I use to smoke.  So you see I had to find a way to sing that would allow me to give long, strong vocal sessions. That’s how Inner Vocals was born.


Now, this technique can be broken down into four main areas:


   1. Breathing

   2. The Larynx

   3. The Mouth

   4. Resonance


This technique can help you to project and improve your voice according to application.  


Some of these areas are not usually covered when training the singing voice and that is the beauty of this technique - because we break the singing voice down in these areas, examine them in some details and then combine them to rebuild the singing voice with controllable parameters. 



You can see more of our videos on the Inner Vocals Technique at our Singer Surgery You Tube channel.